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Mass Effect 3 1.0 Publisher's Description

Mass Effect 3 plunges you into an all-out galactic war to take Earth back from a nearly unstoppable foe - and how you fight that war is entirely up to you.

From the first moments of Mass Effect 3 you will build Shepard into the warrior you want to be. Choose your appearance (including male or female) and pick from a variety of specialized combat classes, each with unique and devastating abilities. As you progress in the war against the Reapers, you'll choose which customizable weapons to use, which abilities and powers to upgrade, which armor upgrades to equip, and which characters will join your squad.

Form an elite strike team with three of your friends, then work together to liberate key conflict zones in an action-packed co-operative multiplayer mode. You'll start as a human combatant, but through a deep progression system you can unlock other powerful races and classes. You will need the other classes' unique play style, powers, and abilities – plus other unlockable rewards such as weapons, armor, health and damage boosters, and upgrade kits – to defeat increasingly deadly waves of opposition. But above all, you will need teamwork to survive.

Wage war against the Reapers your way. Command your elite squad to exert full tactical control over battlefield, or charge in guns blazing and devastate the enemy with overwhelming firepower. Use stealth technology and an enhanced sniper rifle to drop opponents before they see you coming. Throw enemies into the air with telekinetic "biotic" abilities and have your squad shred them with their assault rifles. Position turrets and hack opposing tech to turn the entire warzone into hostile ground for your adversaries.

If you're new to this award-winning series, Mass Effect 3 offers a unique opening narrative to immerse you in the storyline and characters, quickly and easily preparing you for the beginning, middle, and end of a galactic war for survival.

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